Columbia~Bassett Program
Columbia-Bassett Four-Year Curriculum

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The four-year curriculum of the Columbia-Bassett Program occurs in diverse settings:

• The first year and a half are at the New York City campus of the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

• In the beginning of January of second year, students move to the Cooperstown campus of the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

• Students engage in brief inpatient blocks followed by an extensive longitudinal experience

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• The fourth year consists of acting internships, electives, residency application and interviewing, and completion of the SLIM curriculum

• For up to four weeks during the clinical years students participate in health systems research.

Below is the New York City Columbia curriculum. 
Students in Columbia-Bassett will split off from their classmates after Fundamentals and move to Cooperstown, to begin the Longitudinal Curriculum.

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2013 Curriculum

During the Major Clinical Year, students at Columbia-Bassett will rejoin their classmates in New York for several brief intersessions

Three required rotations during the fourth year will be back in New York City and will include medicine, a subinternship, and two other rotations. The full resources of Columbia University are at the fingertips of all students, wherever the student is located.