Beginning of Major Clinical Year - The Rapid Inpatient Block

After a brief re-orientation to the Major Clinical Year in Cooperstown, students spend their first 10 weeks at Bassett in the hospital inpatient wards learning the ins and outs of care in the different services. The 10-week block is intentionally brief in order to provide early exposure to all the parts of the hospital (and the people that work there). This provides students a foundation upon which they can build their integrated, longitudinal patient panel experiences as they return to these parts of the hospital during the rest of the year.

Students spend 1-2 weeks each on the following inpatient services: Ob/gyn (O), Psychiatry (P), Medicine (M), Pediatrics (Pe), Anesthesia (A), Neurology (N), and Surgery (S).

Below is a sample of what the schedule may look like.

RIB Sample.png