Bassett’s faculty has been teaching students from Columbia since 1931.

The current clinical course directors include:

  • Medicine: Dr. Alan Kozak and Dr. Komron Ostovar
  • Surgery: Dr. Luis Oceguera
  • Primary Care: Dr. Darah Wright
  • Neurology: Dr. Greg Cummings
  • Pediatrics: Dr. Philip Heavner
  • Psychiatry: Dr. Megan Brennan
  • Ob/gyn: Dr. Daryl Gildenblatt

Students are assigned clinical preceptors in each of the above disciplines with whom they work throughout the entirety of the Major Clinical Year. The preceptors are attending physicians who are dedicated to teaching and working with students on a one-on-one basis.

Students are evaluated periodically throughout the year under the rubric of R.I.M.E., which stands for Reporter, Interpreter, Manager, and Educator. A Reporter is a student who can interview and examine a patient and extract important clinical observations from that interaction. An Interpreter takes that knowledge and uses clinical judgment to formulate a diagnosis or set of possible diagnoses. A Manager knows the appropriate steps to treat, alleviate, or mitigate disease. An Educator effectively imparts knowledge to patients and colleagues on issues related to health maintenance and promotion.

The goal is for students to become sequentially more adept in each of these areas over the course of the Major Clinical Year.

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