We are so glad you are visiting our website!  We know that this is a very challenging time to apply to medical school, but in spite of the pandemic and associated limitations, we will make every effort to provide you with the information and experiences you need to decide whether Columbia-Bassett is right for you.  We encourage you to peruse our website, and to call us anytime—any questions you have are important to us.

This year Columbia-Bassett will offer a 100% virtual admissions process. We aim to provide you with an experience that mirrors our typical in-person visit.  Applicants can expect to have virtual interviews with both our Senior Associate and Assistant Dean (who are the leaders here with whom you will interact every day), opportunities to speak with current Columbia-Bassett students, and to take our virtual tour.  We will also arrange follow-up calls with current and prior students after the interview days, for those who request them.  For specific information about applying to the program, please see the website under "Information for Applicants"->"Admissions" .  Additionally, the best resource for general admission information is the Columbia VP&S Website.  Also, feel free to call us.

Some of you may be wondering just how the Columbia-Bassett students are doing during a pandemic.  We have so far been very lucky in Central New York State in terms of relatively successful efforts to contain the pandemic compared to most of the country.  As a result, we have been able to offer opportunities to our students that promote adapting, coping and even thriving.  We would like to share the experience of our students in their Major Clinical Year here in Cooperstown this year, as it demonstrates their incredible mission-driven nature as well as the their creativity, flexibility and nimbleness: in March of 2020 when the pandemic was gaining momentum, as was the case for many medical schools, our students were compelled to temporarily step away from their clinical activities.  The Columbia-Bassett students who were in the midst of their clinical training in Cooperstown, NY, had the option to return home to their families.  Our students unanimously – all ten of them - decided to stay in Cooperstown and volunteer their skilled services in Bassett Medical Center’s COVID Response by calling and advising afflicted people under supervision of an attending physician, making over 4,000 calls and writing sophisticated notes across ten weeks of work See photos below to see these students in action. 

Similarly, the current first year Columbia-Bassett class is taking all classes over Zoom, which has enabled us to offer clinical opportunities in our patient venues in Cooperstown – so that the majority of our first years have recently moved here, and will be taking Zoom classes during the day while also spending time with patients and clinical preceptors during gaps in their Zoom schedules.  

Across all four classes, we are having frequent community Zoom calls, and have provided virtual yoga sessions, created a year-long curriculum of outstanding speakers on the topic of structural racism, have virtual Lean Six Sigma performance improvement sessions, and have hosted occasional virtual “philosophy dinners”!  All of this is to say that where there is a will there is a way - and that the core themes of the program in the hands of our remarkable students have continued to innovatively express themselves and thrive.

We look forward to engaging with you and we wish you all the best,

Dr. Henry Weil & Dr. Megan Brennan