Columbia-Bassett seeks diverse, mission-driven and service-oriented individuals.

The admissions process is unique for the Columbia-Bassett Program:

  • Applicants use the AMCAS primary and secondary forms and select “Columbia-Bassett” on the Columbia secondary application
  • Applicants will be notified from the Cooperstown Campus of interview status and will interview first in Cooperstown and the next day in New York City
  • Columbia-Bassett will assist in arrangements while in Cooperstown and will put in touch any applicant who is looking to coordinate transportation with other applicants
  • Columbia-Bassett will cover overnight housing costs in Cooperstown
  • Applicants will have two morning interviews, a tour, and meet program leadership and current students in Cooperstown
  • Students will travel to New York City in the afternoon, be interviewed the following day in New York City, and have a chance to tour the New York City campus
  • Admission to Columbia-Bassett is on a rolling basis
  • Columbia-Bassett students share objective admission standards with their New York City campus classmates, and students who are not accepted to the Columbia-Bassett program are still considered for admission by Columbia on the New York City campus

The best resource for general admission information is the Columbia P&S Website.